Temporary Transfer of Water

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd advertises for temporary transfer of water between customers, with the following conditions:

  • 1. Trading between customers is done on full Megalitre basis on a first come first served basis
  • 2. Customers who request additional water will pay at current cost for the water as it is used and for water not used will be charged at the Contract rate; the price will be notified when available
  • 3. Customers who declare water surplus will have that water deducted from their quantity for the year involved
  • 4. If a customer enters into a separate arrangement with another customer, then BIL will simply arrange a temporary transfer, leaving the other party to pay the water costs and whatever fee has been agreed between the parties
  • 5. Only surplus Premium Water is likely to be placed; if an opportunity for Off Peak Water occurs customers will be informed
  • 6. There will be no charge by BIL for this service

For customers who wish to temporarily trade water in the 2017/18 water year commencing 1 October respectively the application form can be downloaded below:

Click Here for Temporary Transfer 2017/18 Surplus Water

Click Here for Temporary Transfer 2017/18 Additional Water