Service Disruptions

Service Disruptions:

The BIL Scheme is currently operating at record high flow rates. As a result, pressures are lower than normal and some customers may not be receiving their normal flow rate.

BIL and SA Water have made changes to help increase pressure and flow. Refer to the customer newsletter dated 22 January for further details.

One change is expected to result in additional sediment and weedy material being drawn into the scheme. This is, unfortunately, the trade off for increased flow and pressure.

It is reasonable to expect that the additional sediment and weedy material will require additional filter backflushing.

We recommend Customers keep a close eye on your own filters and backflush accordingly.

We have also heard of instances where the scheme pressure has dipped below the minimum for some automatic backflush systems to work effectively, and so manual backflushing is required

Reporting Service Disruptions or other Problems

Please report service disruptions or other problems to one of the following BIL personnel:

Steve 0418 845 738

Neville 0407 972 311

Simon 0403 743 199