Typical Connection layout (no filter)

BIL Water Meter

Typical Connection layout (with filter)

BIL Water Meter

1. Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) and Gate Valve

A pressure reducing valve (PRV) is required on some customer connections. A second gate valve, located after the PRV, must be used when turning off the connection to ensure correct operation of the PRV when the system is turned back on.

Turning on and off at the connection must be done slowly to ensure correct function of the PRV and to avoid pressure surges in the main pipe system.

2. Meter

Electronic flow meters are battery operated and fitted with data logger units that provide daily data downloads.

To access their data, customers should provide their email address and property ID(s) to Simon.
Please click for water meter instructions

3. Filter

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd water is unfiltered and not normally chlorinated. While a limited number of very early connections have filters, customers are responsible for their own filtration. The water quality varies considerably due to differing percentages of suspended solids – see picture below. The solution is to include an adequate filter in your design, which must be kept clean so that flow is not reduced.

Regular cleaning of your filter is essential to ensure flow is not reduced.Si

BIL Dirty Filter

The filter pictured indicates the buildup of biofilm which reduces the efficiency of the connection

4. Flow Control Valves and Pilot

The flow control valve is set to provide Premium Water over 50 days, or as separately advised for some customers. Two different types are provided, depending on the system pressure or when the connection was installed. Some flow control valves are fitted with a pilot that regulates flow and requires occasional maintenance by BIL.
Other flow control valves consist of a disc with one or more orifices with rubber inserts that respond if the flow exceeds a certain pre-set value. This type of flow control valve requires backpressure to work at its pre-set flow rate. Without backpressure the valve will make a ‘screaming’ noise and the flow rate will be less than the pre-set value. To overcome this, partially close your downstream valve to create some backpressure.

Flow control valves must not be maintained by the customer; BIL maintenance staff should be contacted if there are operational problems.

5. Air Valves

Automatic air valves are fitted to ensure correct system operation which occasionally weep a small amount of water.

Contact BIL maintenance staff if weeping occurs.

6. Non Return Valves

Required to prevent backflow