The BIL water meter on your customer connection can provide you with useful information, such as flow rate and volume. Each customer connection is fitted with a data logger – the small grey box with an antenna – that sends information from your meter to a website called Outpost Central once a day, typically mid-afternoon.

You can view your water meter information in real-time directly from the display on the meter or the following day via the Outpost Central website. On Outpost Central you can also view historical information.

Contact BIL’s General Manager – Simon Shutz (mobile 0403 743 199 or to arrange access to the Outpost Central website for your BIL connection(s). You will need to provide your email address and property ID(s).

You can also allow your meter data to be made available to others, say, your vineyard manager. To do this, let Neville know their email details also.

Customers are encouraged to use the resettable total volume on their meters as this is also available via the web.

Follow the instructions below to access information directly from the display of the water meter.

Water Meter Instructions

Screen display # Numbers are bottom left of screen / press yellow arrow to move between screens

For faults or further information please contact the BIL office